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Cleaning A Furnace
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Furnace/Duct Cleaning

“Our Customers Love Our Furnace Cleaning System”

Furnace cleaning is important for many reasons.  Energy costs are reduced and airborne contaminants are removed keeping your home comfortable and clean.  Throughout the years, debris somehow makes its way into the duct system.  The obvious being dust and outside materials.  Vents can become plugged up with household items (kids toys, clothing, hair, and even…UHGGG…mice and their unhealthy messes).  Sometimes we’ll clean a home where there is barely any heat in a room and it’s simply because the vent is plugged and simple to fix.  You name it, we probably have found it in an air duct.

Most furnace cleaners will try to blow air into the vent and push all the debris down to the furnace where they can suck it out. We use a vacuum hose with a brush attachment to snake out each vent similar to a chimney sweep. Socks(and BIG stuff) will stick to the brush allowing us to pull the hose from the vent, remove the debris and send the hose and brush back down for more.

The dust and fine debris are sucked straight out into the truck holding tank. Your furnace parts are hand cleaned and inspected, we then clean the large main ducts in the basement ceiling with a large square brush attached to a vacuum line running out to our truck. Once all vents are clean we use an antibacterial hypoallergenic product which is odor free and fogged through the duct system. This completes the cleaning process and will leave your air vents odor free and much more hygienic.