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Carpet Cleaning

The best results can happen without the best equipment and employees.  We use the Cadillac of truck mounted cleaning systems called the Prochem, These units provide incredible suction, heat and steam pressure to handle the most challenging job sites (Don't be embarrassed, nobody calls us when their carpets are clean). 

The results are truly amazing! (Hotter Water = Cleaner Carpet = Better Drying)  We use a 2 stage cleaning system, we begin by pre-spraying the carpet with a gentle enzyme detergent focusing on spots and stains. We then adjust the temperature and pressure of the steam to best suit your carpets needs (polyester, nylon, acrylic, and wool).  All carpets are then cleaned using Culligan soft water, not city water, the benefits are huge.

Soft water cleans and rinses much better then city water removing residues and cleaning agents leaving your carpet with a nice, dry, and soft texture, not a stiff or starchy feeling.  You'll love and see the difference.